About the Series

Executive produced by Black Lives Matter Cleveland, this documentary series will focus on systemic failures of Ohio law enforcement. The initial three-episode season explores police abuse in the city of Euclid Ohio, and the lack of action taken by that city’s administration.

Police violence and prosecutorial corruption, especially against Black and minority residents, is an epidemic in Ohio that needs to see the light of day.  Local news has largely failed to report on these issues adequately or without a pro-police bias.

The filmmakers

Director Roger Glenn Hill is an award-winning filmmaker (Huckleberry (2018), Flying Paper (2014) and Struggle (2012)).

Journalist Brian “BZ” Douglas has—in a short time—delivered scoops on corruption in Cleveland politics and police that have rippled all the way to the New York Times. 

Black Lives Matter Cleveland’s activism has been at the front lines of social change both in Cleveland and the state as a whole.