Landscape of Brutality

This episode examines the vicious arrests of Shajuan Gray, Richard Hubbard III, and Lamar Wright by Euclid Police officers.

Central throughout are the voices of Black citizens who are demanding accountability and justice from Chief Scott Meyer, Mayor Kirsten Holtzheimer-Gail, and a toothless city council.

ABUSED and neglected

The second installment of State of Injustice examines several instances of violent arrests that occurred before and after the death of Luke Stewart:

  • On April 16th, 2016—Lamar Wright pulled into a driveway to make a phone call when officers Kyle Flagg and Vashon Williams rushed Wright and tried to pull him from the car. Wright was slow to comply because he was wearing a colostomy bag, and tased by officer Flagg before he could explain. Wright was initially charged with obstruction, resisting arrest, and criminal trespassing, but they were all eventually dropped.
  • March 27th, 2017—Shajuan Gray was arrested over a noise complaint by Officer James Aoki. Ms. Gray was dragged outside without her clothes on and charged with resisting arrest and obstruction. A jury would later acquit Gray of all charges.
  • April 13, 2017—Michael Amiott aggressively forces a 16 year-old girl to the ground and handcuffs her while working off-duty at the Euclid Public Library.
  • August 12, 2017—Michael Amiott viciously beats Richard Hubbard III in the street following an unnecessary traffic stop. Amiott falsely claimed that Hubbard resisted arrest.

Officers Flagg, Williams, Aoki, and Amiott remain on duty with the Euclid Police Department at the time of this video’s release.